Lake Billy Mitchell

Formed from an extinct volcano, Lake Billy Mitchell is surrounded on all sides by the crater’s edge, which rises up to altitudes around 1,100-1,500m at different points and then drops steeply down about 200-300m before reaching the lake. The stunning lake itself is approximately 2km in diameter and has a small island in the south-western corner. Surrounded by thick jungle, Billy Mitchell’s water level is at 1067 m (3500 feet) and has a depth of 90 m.

Named after the American General William ‘Billy’ Mitchell, who is regarded as the “father of the US Air Force”, local people refer to the lake is Eruovi, which roughly translated means “place where the waters boiled up and overflowed”. The Lake is believed to be a place where their tumbuna or spiritual ancestors dwell. Consequently, the area  is of great customary significance to the local Rotokas people.

Days: 2-3 days dependent upon fitness levels and start position

Cost (estimate):

  • 2 days: K420 (Incl. food and porter, Excl. transport)
  • 3 days: K530 (Incl. food and porter, Excl. transport)download

Contacts us for a detailed itinerary, break down of costs and our safety plan.