Mount Balbi

Mt Balbi, known as Tutue by local people, is an active volcano on the northern side of Bougainville Island and is the highest point in the province rising to 2,715 m (8,907 ft). Classed as a strato-volcano and classified as active, Balbi has not erupted in historic time. The present activity on the volcano is confined to solfataras in the summit area and in the north-eastern amphitheatre, and to hot springs on the flanks.

The flanks of the volcano are covered by dense tropical rain forest up to 1220 m (4000 ft), bamboo and moss forest between 1220 m and 2290 m (4000 ft – 7500 ft), and alpine rush above 2290 m. There are six craters on the volcano, one of which is a beautiful crater lake (see photo above).

Days: 2-3 days dependent upon fitness levels. Hikers may need an additional two nights at base villages (Togorau) pre and post hike.

Cost: Cost is dependent upon number of hiking days and group size. A 2 day hike for one person is K693. A 2 day hike for a group of six is K518 per person. Note, the above prices include two meals per/day, porters, tour guide, transport to and from the track, accommodation (in Togorau pre/post hike) and track entrance fees.

Contacts us for a detailed itinerary, break down of costs and our safety plan.

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