Rotokas – Numa Track

The Rotokas-Numa track begins near the centre of the island and ends on the west coast of Bougainville.  It was traditionally used as a trade route between clans, however, the track was transformed into a frontline for Allied and Japanese forces during WWII. In the 1990’s the track was again mired by conflict during the civil war between the Bougainville Revolutionary Army and the Papua New Guinea Defence Force.

When walking this trail you will not only be able to see remnants of WWII, but  also be able to explore the natural marvels unique to the Rotokas track. Several of the villages along the route are within easy access of caves, locally significant relics and spectacular waterfalls. As a result, the Rotokas track offers a shorter, but equally exhilarating experience, to the Numa Numa trail.

Days: 5 days including traveling days to the start of the track, and return (by boat) to Buka. Hiking days can be extended or reduced dependent upon start position and fitness levels.

Cost: Cost is dependent upon number of hiking days and group size. A 5 day hike for one person is K1155. A 5 day hike for a group of six is K720 per person. Note, the above prices include two meals per/day, porters, tour guide, transport to and from the track, accommodation and track entrance fees.

Contact us for a detailed itinerary, breakdown of costs and our safety plan.

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