Village Stay

One of the best ways to force yourself to relax and unwind is to leave your cellphone at home and stay in a Rotokas village for a couple of days. The pace of village life will gently coax you into slowing down and forgetting the concerns of outside world.

Surrounded by huge waterfalls, WWII relics, gorgeous swimming holes and dense jungle, Rotokas village stays also offer exciting activities for the “active relaxer”.

You will never run out of “things to do” while staying in the village as you are welcome to join in on typical village acitivies such as scraping a coconut, weaving baskets or sitting around the cooking fire telling stories.

Days: We recommend three nights, coming up Friday afternoon and heading down the hill early Monday morning, however, the length of your stay is entirely up to you!

Cost: A 3 night village stay, including, accommodation, tour guide, meals and area entrance fee is K330.

Contact us for a detailed itinerary, break down of costs and our safety plan.

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